Monday, August 3, 2009

Cassie's and Tinkyada saturday august 1, 2009

*Welcome to august 2009. It is expected to be cooler than usual.

*Went with friends out to italian food dinner at Cassie's, 203 Route 303, Orangeburg, NY 10962.
How do we do this, given the gluten free requirement?..

Well, first of all, we are tolerant enought of gluten that we can eat gluten free pasta which came from the same cooking pot that just cooked pasta with gluten.

Next, we bring a full unopened bag of Tinkyada gluten free pasta with us to an italian food joint. Once seated, we tell the waitperson that we need them to cook our pasta for us. As uncomfortable as this might seem, this has worked for us for most requests. We always assume that we will pay the regular price for the dish (even tho' we brought our own pasta). Sometimes we get some of the uncooked Tinkyada pasta given back to us at the end of the meal. Sometimes we order two different dishes to be made - sharing the contents of the bag between both dishes.

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