Friday, August 7, 2009

Back to school - all year long, sympathetic diet, jenny mccarthy, GFC, gluten free celebrity, urban dictionary : friday august 7, 2009

friday august 7, 2009

*give Back-to-school all year long by eating general mills gluten free rice chex ($3.79 for a box today at Shoprite of Northvale) and gluten free cinnamon chex ($3.49 for a box today) and taking the box tops for education coupon off of the box and giving it to your school or parent/teacher organisation school collection.

*Jenny Mccarthy, GFC, gluten free celebrity for many reasons, one of which is a sympathetic diet with her son's. Her son has autism and she believes that a gluten free diet helps him.

*Went to urbandictionary to check whether someone has defined "gluten free celebrity" and "gfc" as short for it. They didn't. So realestatesteve tried to add them. We shall see the results.

And congratulations and kudos for urban democracy, the term "gluten free celebrity" has officially made it to urban pop culture (see email response below):

Urban Dictionary - gluten free celebrity was published‏

Sent:Fri 8/07/09 4:09 PM
To: realestatesteve

Thanks for your definition of gluten free celebrity! Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to publish it on It should appear on this page in the next few days:

Urban Dictionary -----
gluten free celebrity

A celebrity, for whatever reason or reasons, who adheres to a gluten free diet and lifestyle. The celebrity might have celiac, think that the lifestyle wards off autism or cancer, be wheat intolerant, have a sympathic diet to one close to them who is gluten free, or simply embrace the weight loss effects of short term gluten freedom. Plural: gluten free celebrities

Some examples of gluten free celebrities are:
*Zooey Deschanel, movie actress and a gluten free celebrity, gfc
*Jane Swift, first female governor of massachusetts, is a gluten free celebrity, gfc

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