Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Local health natural food stores, Healthway, wednesday august 5, 2009

wednesday august 5, 2009

*Upon starting a gluten free diet go to the local health natural food store. There you will learn about what products are available to buy to include in a balanced gluten free diet. Personal preference will guide about favorites of each type of food.

Today at the local health food store Healthway natural foods, 35 riveredge road, tenafly NJ 07670 purchases were:

Glutino gluten free French Toast Slices (8), from the freezer case, cost of $7.29

Ians gluten free French Toast Sticks (15-18), from the freezer case, cost of $5.69

Tinkyada gluten free Grand Shells, to stuff for a delicious meal for 3 or 4 people, cost of $3.29. Tinkyada also makes gluten free Lasagne, which also would be for a delicious meal for 3 to 4 people.

...And be comfortable to ask the store helper/clerk about products or product types which you deduce should be available but you do not see. The Tinkyada grand shells started to be stocked at the Tenafly Healthway only after we asked about them - and people have been buying them, and they continue to be stocked. Particularly, Local health food stores have a limited amount of shelf space, mind space, time, and capital.

*On vacation out of town enjoy time together by visiting the local health natural food store.

*And at the Columbus Circle whole foods got glutino gluten free pretzels 8 oz bag, cost $4.69

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