Friday, August 14, 2009

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friday august 14, 2009

*Saw a dude around the local post office with a tshirt with (just the words) gluten-free on the back

*Use it or lose it

Actually, it is more like you must buy it a lot, or you will not find it. If there is gluten-free food at a store where you buy stuff and you like it then please keep buying it (early and often). Some stores are starting to stop selling gluten free foods that not enough people buy. So buy gluten free food.


Remember to Bring Your Own Beer if you are going on an out of town vacation. Gluten-Free Redbridge beer by Anhueser-Busch is yummy (and full of sorghum) - which was found a while ago (since it is not easy to find you should buy a couple of six packs at a time) at ShopRite Wines & Spirits of Englewood,
55 Nathaniel Place Englewood, NJ 07631 -Please drink responsibly.

*Cherrybrook kitchens bottom flaps for rewards

Does anybody use this program?

*Thanks to all concerned during the technical crisis for did not resolve to the blog, but instead to some godaddy page. Well, after discussions via, and deletion of a kooky/extra A record in the dns table, it is good. has always worked well, but without the www seemed to fail.

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