Friday, July 22, 2011

Gluten Free Patent

Gluten Free Patents filed from the start of 2010 to the present

Although "Farm to Table" is all the rage now, Gluten Free is more "Patent to Table". A search via for such recent (filed since Jan 2010) patents yields a results list of about 50 (the results list for hula hoop is about 5). Some interesting entries are:


University of Alberta (Canada)

Abbott Laboratories

Univesity of Udine (Italy)

University of Michigan (United States)

Nintendo of America

and others


Baked goods


Modeling compounds

Expense tracking

Methods of inducing satiety

Anti-gluten egg yolk antibodies

Method for reducing proofing time

Melting vegetable protein based substitute cheese

Diagnostic method for Celiac Sprue

National food level system

Treatment of Celiac disease with IgA

Delta-6 and Delta-5 Desaturase

Quinoa protein

Whole grains in consumable products

Hidden tag for providing information


Systems and methods for a consumer

In store shopping network using wireless devices

Meal planning system

and other stuff

Nuff Said.

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