Friday, July 8, 2011

Gluten Free LA Tweets

Gluten Free LA Tweets

From approximately 85,000 tweets over the past year (since April 2010) relating to Los Angeles, California, here is our quick summary of, or quotes from, some that relate to gluten:

*"I simply MUST find a #gluten #free #bakery in #los #angeles its so tiring nt being able to indulge w the rest wen out&about"

*"Los Angeles has ruined me I'm at an Italian Restaurant and I brought my own gluten free pasta #thingsthatmakemehatemyself"

*"Subway Testing Gluten-Free Sandwich, Brownie - And everyone in Los Angeles rejoiced."

*A tweet pointing to an article written by someone who operates a gluten free bakery with a link here ...which lists suggestions for places with gluten free stuff - and remember to read the comments to the article, too, which may also be highly useful and interesting to you.

To see the raw tweets for yourself use the following link:

Please be patient waiting for this query to finish executing. When it is done you will be able to scroll down a list of the chosen tweets from the full 85,000.

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