Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gluten Free Icons: New or Reformulated?

Gluten Free Choice: New or Reformulated?

A lot can be learned from cereal. Chex and Pebbles products have been reformulated as gluten free. Rice Krispies has just created a new product which is gluten-free.

For iconic products, a careful boardroom decision may be required about whether to reformulate as gluten free, or create a new gluten free (version of a) product, or do nothing.

An Icon may be loved - just as it is - and any change may change people's feelings for the worse.

Gluten Free is a fast growth, new and potentially big market.

Assume that it is difficult to get added shelf space in a crowded supermarket for a new product.

So, will Oreo's ever be gluten free? Nuff Said.

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