Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gluten Free Ontario plus compare Provinces and Territories with States

Gluten Free Ontario with comparison of Provinces and Territories with States

Gluten Free United States of North America? Yes and No, as there are similarities and differences between Canada and the US of A.

...gluten-free products and companies and places - made and imported and distributed and existant one country to the other. There are also similar and different experiences by the Gluten Free.

-Different In Canada:
Polenta crackers, Hand and Magic baking powder, N2 Ingredients, Eco Chefs, Dundas, Frankie's, Olive at Bonacini cafe grill, Portions (canada), Pilates Emporium, WholeLifeExpo, Junction at the Beet, TAG vodka, La Messagere Red Ale, Ontario HBOT, Michel de France, Ontario co Rizopia

From approximately 1,192,815 tweets over the past year (since April 2010) relating to Ontario here is our quick summary of, or quotes from, some that relate to gluten:

-Experiences Similar of Different, you be the judge...

*"Frozen #glutenfree meals?! No way! In Ontario and Quebec"

*"Acquired 5.6% of the La Messagere Red Ale in Ontario. Good gluten-free beer is hard to find. Still some at LCBO on King & William. #Waterloo"

*"Where are you in Cda? I am in London, Ont & to me, Ontario is the best place in the world to be food allergic."

*"Health Canada looking for input on gluten-free labeling: OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – May 13, 2010) – Health Cana..."

*"How there can be a SNOW STORM in ONTARIO in MAY!!!! To alleviate pain I am making a recipe for healthy gluten free daIry free buttertarts: )"

To see the raw tweets for yourself use the following link:

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