Saturday, June 18, 2011

Due Process and Twitter

Due Process and Twitter

Take free gifts from strangers? Yes or... Maybe I would rather give you a dollar for that admittedly fantastic stuff.

In the humble opinion of glutenfreediary, when one pays some consideration (a dollar) for some good or service, then one has some legal rights.

Twitter is lovable enuf, but, like so many free services, you don't always get (or can't always use) what you don't pay for.

Once upon a time, glutenfreediary sent creative, thoughtful, and fun tweets to the world. Over the course of time, twitter decided that glutenfreediary was bending some hazy legal-type rules about twitter usage. As a result, the account for glutenfreediary was disabled from open public tweeting. Every tweet that comes from glutenfreediary, from then, is broadcast only to followers (now the 500 or so) - not out to the whole world.

If twitter had given the choice, in their operating model, of users paying one dollar to register, then glutenfreediary might still be able to easily tweet to the whole world (or at least have some due process to dispute about the service given and then taken away - without additional concern about total services being taken away), and might still have the full legal rights to every tweet (which, friends, is and will be a very big deal).

Tweet On - Nuf Said!

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