Sunday, September 20, 2009

Double jeopardy without Alex Trebek, Epipen, Anaphylaxis, sunday september 20, 2009

sunday september 20, 2009

* Double jeopardy without Alex Trebek

Some people have Two food allergies! Sometimes one requires staying away from gluten (gluten free diet), jeopardy #1, and the other requires staying away from, for example peanuts, jeopardy #2. In this example, the kicker is that the peanut allergy is so severe that ingesting/exposure could cause anaphylaxis and requires pre-emptively carrying 24 hours 7 days a week an epipen (Epinephrine autoinjector aka SYRINGE).

Here are some recent twitter tweets with epipen in them:

meanlouise: @slowdumbshow I had a serious reaction to shellfish cooking in the next room once & required an epipen to breath again. Not your imagination about 3 hours ago from Tweetie

donnajherren: @yvomp LOL, I got it. I need to get another EpiPen, just in case. This reaction made me a little wheezy. :-/ about 16 hours ago from TweetDeck

topherb487: 2/2 We (my company) are the national sponsor as usual. (EpiPen) 1 day ago from web

CupcakeNicki: One of the characters was allergic to peanuts & needed an EpiPen shot. Maddie smiled because she's allergic to nuts & has needed an Epi shot 1 day ago from mobile web

KEMattison: My brother on doing community service at a Richmond animal shelter: "I probably needed an Epipen but just muscled through it." 1 day ago from Tweetie

wswilliams: ~ Playing with my shiny new Epipen! Pros: Lots of energy and pep! Cons: Can only play with it once! 2 days ago from Tweetie

josephteegardin: Saw a guy in the gym locker room stab an injection in his leg. I immediately think "Wonder why he's using that EpiPen..." #ImAnIdiot 2 days ago from Birdhouse

nyc_mar_jobs: Yahoo! HotJobs: Brand Director - EpiPen-DEY, L.P.-Basking Ridge,NJ- #jobs 2 days ago from Yahoo! HotJobs Alerts

Neil_Jackson: Dude was having an allergic reaction to a wasp sting in the park and just asked to borrow my EpiPen... straight #hobo 2 days ago from web

wheezemd: Generic Alternative to EpiPen and TwinJect? (via @Allergy) 2 days ago from Tweetie

Allergy: Generic Alternative to EpiPen and TwinJect? 2 days ago from TweetDeck

MissClare76: @nut_freemom We only carry 1 EpiPen daily but if we are away or somewhere more remote we take 1 from last year on our allergist's advice 3 days ago from web

kelleil: @RVAfoodie If she can make it gluten free, HELLS YES. It might even be worth getting the epipen ready. 3 days ago from web

allergistmommy: New blog post: "Generic Alternative to EpiPen and TwinJect? Not Exactly..." #fb 3 days ago from web

loyalchristi: @thescottbaio Hope BB is okay!!! Did they give you an epipen prescription? 3 days ago from TweetDeck

_rebeccaquinn: @taylorchastain did you use your epipen? 3 days ago from txt

NickWalker_NOLA: @dimartin3 nope. My dogs, dust, smoke, some bug sprays, and mold to name a few. Going to have to carry a damn epipen 3 days ago from Twitterrific

majestia19: @chrisdejabet I'll bring my epipen. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. 4 days ago from web

Now these tweets include one for a job to help market epipens - a real growth field - go for it!..

Brand Director - EpiPen: DEY, L.P.

Company Name

Job Category
Marketing; Pharmaceutical/Biotech

Basking Ridge, NJ

Position Type
Full-Time, Employee

10-15 Years Experience


Position Summary:Develop and oversee product strategy, promotional, sales and product improvement plans and programs for the EpiPen franchise to achieve and sustain the optimum sales and profit results. This position is also responsible for ensuring solid analysis and recommendations for Executive-level inquiries and initiatives on behalf of the VP Marketing. The position will work pro-actively and cooperatively with and coordinating input from key stakeholders across the organization. The position acts independently, manages others and is an active member of the Marketing Management Team.
Achieve market share and sales objectives for assigned product(s). Continuously re-evaluate market dynamics & brand performance to identify product strategic gaps and develop strategic solutions.
Develop and drive marketing insight and optimization of product performance, develops and implements annual brand business plan for assigned product, and analyzes and interprets primary and secondary marketing data to support product strategy and monitor performance.
Responsible for leading the development of strategic and tactical marketing plans, POA process, business process improvement projects and providing support to the VP on key projects.
Lead the development and implementation of strategic marketing plans for special product initiatives related to new and current products. This includes leading and coordinating an in-depth market analysis, market shaping activities, forecasting, pricing strategy, etc.


Bachelor's degree or equivalent required. MBA preferred
10+ years progressive sales and brand management/marketing experience within the pharmaceutical industry required. Minimum of 7 years in a marketing role.
Respiratory Experience is preferred.
Previous management experience required.
Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills required
Approximately 25% overnight travel

DEY supports diversity in the work place. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

* Quadruple jeopardy (not really that bad, but quadruple nonetheless)

Some families buy four (4) epipens (a family with a minor kid with food allergies) - one to leave with the school nurse, one to be with one guardian, one to be with another guardian and finally for example one to drop at the full weekend day violin lesson teacher or half weekend day religious school.

The health insurance/drug coverage companies will not always pay/reimburse back the $100 (one hundred dollar) multiplied by 4 (four) - even tho', to be pre-emptive, they are needed!

* nominated for 2009 Award 'Best Healthy Living Blog'

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